Social Sciences 

Economics 1600 Intro to Economic Systems

 Define for the reader: State Capitalism (Economist Special Report Jan. 21, 2012), its variations, pros and cons. What is the viability of this economic system in the long-run? Contrast this emerging economic system with what is taking place in Cuba today (Economist Special Report-Cuba hurtles towards capitalism Mar. 24, 2012). Could such a system as State Capitalism take hold in Cuba? Why or Why not? Explain your conclusions. Draw on any other Economist issues during the semester to support your analysis and conclusions

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History 2800 Utah's Diverse Heritage

     I learned a lot about the diversity of Utah in this class.  having only lived in Utah for a little over a year i didn't know much about it's history.  All i knew was about how the Mormons were the ones to settle the area. Learning about the vastness of the different cultures that helped settle the area gave me great insight to the greatness of this wonderful state.

     Mining has been pivotal in helping with the diversity of Utah.  As mining turned from a one man operation to large scale mining.  Companies started importing workers from all different cultures from across the world. 


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Kenecott Utah Coppers Bingham Canyon Mine

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