Randall Dalley
6704 Artesian Way #11 Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(775) 781-0441


·         Experience operating 988 and smaller Caterpillar loaders and 330 caterpillar excavators with grapple and magnet attachments.

·         Served in the United States Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician from 26 Mar 2006 to 21 Dec 2010.

·         Active U.S. government security clearance (secret)

·         Multiple Letters of Commendation for superior leadership skills

·         Received Eagle Scout award at the age of 17.


Quality Assurance

·         Experienced Collateral Duty Inspector (CDI) for multiple avionics weapon systems. Processed and managed many Technical Directives (SEB, SEC, & SSC), ensuring compliance with the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program and local command procedures.


·         Provided leadership, instruction, and supervision of 34 personnel.  Efforts resulted in a 20 percent increase in production and a 30 percent decrease in faulty parts returned from supply.

·         Mentored junior Navy and Marine Corps personnel resulting in a 75 percent retention rate and zero non-judicial punishments or court martial’s.

·         Day/Night Shift Supervisor for multiple Weapons System Repair Shops.  Responsibilities included coordinating Intermediate- level repair, maintenance and configuration management of avionics equipment, flight control computers, weapons management systems and all of its components, supporting eight squadrons of F/A-18 aircraft.


·         Pursuing degree in Mining Engineering.


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