Welcome to my EPortfolio page. In this site you will find some general information about my goals, education, hobbies and resume. To navigate my page use the tabs at the top.

About Me

     I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Nevada called Logandale. I enjoy all the things that small town boys do.  There is just something to be said about hopping on my dirt bike and riding right out my back yard and being able to ride around the whole town. I didn't go to school right out of high school. I held numorous jobs trying to decide what i wanted to do for a career. When i wasn't finding anything that i enjoyed i decided to join the navy. I spent almost 5 years as an Aviation Electronics Technician and picked up the rank of E5 in just under 4 years.  I spent 6 months on the USS Enterprise in the Persian Gulf. I also spent 3 months on the USS Nimitz off the coast of California. After the Navy i knew what i wanted to do for a career so it was off to Salt Lake City to start attending school. 

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